Shahrzad Darafsheh holds a BA in Photography from Azad University of Tehran and a Diploma of Film Editing from Tehran Institute of Technology (MFT).

Darafsheh has received the Penumbra/Imagetreads scholarship for the long term photobook program in 2022 and was one of the winners of the Urbanautica award in 2023. Currently based in Tehran, her focus lies on long-term projects that address personal and social issues. Her photographs reflect her emotions as she explores the impact of human activity on the natural environment. Identity is a recurring theme in her work, as she seeks to uncover the essence of who we are.

In her latest project titled "The Distance Is Real," Darafsheh delves into the relationship between herself and the environment of her small city, examining the distance between her and the town's other inhabitants as well as the rapid urban growth.

Darafsheh's work has been published in books such as "Saffron Tales" by Yasmin Khan (2016) and "Analyzing While Waiting: Contemporary art in Tehran" (2007). Additionally, her project "Half-Light" was published as a photo book by Gnomic Book in the US in 2008.

The ethereal quality of Darafsheh's work imbues her photographs with a sense of wonder and curiosity, serving as poetic expressions of her world.

E-mail: shindalmim@gmail.com