The pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus and the changes we are forced to make in our everyday routines has shifted the boundaries of reality and imagination for me.  A battle between the dark and bright side of my mind has begun; how come we are more connected, now that we are apart? How is it that the most trivial things are now vital to our survival? Are these changes permanent? What does the future look like? What these questions unfold is that human ignorance is much greater than human knowledge and the impact of one’s behavior goes further than one's surroundings, community, or country. I use my mobile camera – the fundamental tool to connect us to the world outside –to track every sign of change in my behavior and visual patterns; to realize what is worthless today, or had no intrinsic value in the first place. Every step I take is like the flapping of the wings of a butterfly, it can cause a storm somewhere else in the world.