- 2022                     Image Threads / Penumbra Foundation Photobook Long Term Program
- 2011                     Diploma in Film editing, Tehran Institute of Technology, Tehran, Iran
- 2007                     B.A in Photography, Art and Architecture Faculty of Azad University of Tehran, Iran

Teaching Experience

- 2010-2015           Part-time Professor, Tehran Institute of Technology, Tehran, Iran

- 2018                     Half-Light, Gnomic Book publication, New York, US

- 2005                     Daily Life, a research project on youth’s life in Iran, (Video art in collaboration
                                with Vanessa Lenger). Tehran,Iran

- 2016                    The Saffron Tales: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen, Bloomsbury Publication.

- 2019                     Small Image,Large Reflection, AG Gallery, Tehran,Iran
- 2017                     A Piece of life, Homage to Abbas Kiarostami, E1 Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- 2016                     Disorder, Silk Road Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- 2015                     A Shot, a Look, House of Cinema, Tehran, Iran
- 2010                     Photography and thought, National Library, Tehran, Iran
- 2007                     Deeper Depression, Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
- 2007                     Treibsand, Switzerland Embassy, Tehran, Iran

- 2023                      Urbanautica annual institute award, winner


- 2019                     Fotolux festival, Lucca, Italy
- 2019                     Unseen festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
- 2019                     Tehran Art Book fair, Tehran, Iran
- 2019                     The Kitab Photo-book festival, Varanasi, India
- 2018                     New York Art Book Fair. New York, US


- 2019                     Verve Magazine, The Spirit of Today’s women
- 2018                     Foto Room, Wallpaper magazine, Night Hawk NYC        
- 2016                     The Saffron Tales: Recipes from the Persian Kitchen, Bloomsbury  Publication.
- 2007                     Analyzing While Waiting: Contemporary Art in Tehran, DVD Magazine,
                                Curated by Prastou Forouhar and Susann Wintsch, Zurich, Switzerland