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50 days in the tent


It’s the seventh month of the global pandemic.
We are facing a great financial crisis in Iran, my first solo exhibition has been canceled,
I’m psychologically and financially dependent on my husband and feel incapacitated.
In seeking the capability of handling my depressed mind and a way to be an independent
individual again, I ran to the ancient forest of Caspian Hyrcanian and lived there for 50 days in a tent. At the heart of the 50 million year-old forest, everything resonates differently and I surely came back a different person. Some of my experiences may fade away by time,
but deepest ones shall not be forgotten.So, wherever I learned something, I photographed it.
Here, each image represents a hidden layer of my thought, lightened by a flash-light.
The same light that illuminates my path in the dark. The same path that always leads to knowing more.